Debra offers high-end dating critiques, plans and advice to women who are looking to enjoy a long-term, loving relationship. 
Are you looking for fast, no-nonsense relationship help that can begin to improve your marriage today?  
Debra Macleod's "Marriage SOS" is an effective & practical alternative to couples' counselling.
No psycho-babble.  No endless office visits.  Just real-world strategies from an expert.
After years of working as an in-the-trenches couples' mediator, Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B. realized that many couples who were having problems and filing for divorce - even those who had attended counselling together - had not received the type of urgent, practical and realistic relationship help that could have saved their marriages and kept their families together.

Now, Debra offers clients her own brand of targeted, short-term, solution-oriented relationship help that can quickly and dramatically improve the dynamics in a marriage and give a couple a fighting chance of keeping their home intact.  Whether you are in middle of a relationship "emergency" such as an affair or just slowing drifting apart, Debra has ideas that can help you ASAP.

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